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Well, the good news is that you've just found that one-of-a-kind business in a box, and for a limited time only, I'm offering a very limited number of exclusive reseller licenses to it all!

It’s the Ad Magic Deluxe Home Study Course - an extensive, 400+ page, no-fluff training course that will teach your customers EVERYTHING they need to know to sell more of anything - using the power of words. More active copywriters credit Ad Magic as the “secret sauce” responsible for more breakthrough success stories than any other program anywhere.

Ad Magic is a complete course created by Brian Keith Voiles - one of the highest paid copywriters in the world with a client list that includes marketing greats like Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Robert Allen,Yanik Silver and Frank Kern - to name a few.

Brian’s ad writing techniques work and his track record of "top-dog" clients speaks for itself. He's written for:

As you can see, these marketing giants and many other multi-million dollar corporations have literally sold millions of dollars worth of goods and services because of Brian's killer copy.

The list of who’s who in internet marketing that turn to Brian to supercharge their incomes is long but I’ll mention a few. As a matter of fact, take a look at what some of Brian’s top experts and clients have to say about him and his customer-generating ads and sales letter skills.

Skip All Of The Work ! And Let Me Show You The Money! This is the License That ALL My Customers Want, But Only A Few Will Ever Get!

Your customers aren't going to settle for rehashed guides, poorly written content, or any ho-hum products. They want high quality information that delivers ROCK-SOLID insights and actionable ideas that actually work like gangbusters. They want products that will make them look good, and help them make money.

It’s the kind of information products that are almost impossible to find.

You could always create something yourself. But it requires...

  • - a winning product idea
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  • - endless time and effort, plus the ability to package this know-how into a product
  • - the technical expertise to set it all up to make money for you on autopilot

But, do you really have the time to do that? Do you have the skill and experience to create high quality information products that can sell month-after-month, year-after-year?

Sure, you could outsource the work to freelancers. But unless you're willing to pay well above average rates, you'll likely end up with a crappy product that goes nowhere. You might even end up with something so useless - you’re ashamed to sell it to anybody.

This is where this special offer of Brian Keith Voiles, Advertising Magic course comes in to save the day.

Grab One of the Few Remaining Premium Reseller Licenses and Start Making Money Right Away Selling AD MAGIC -A Genuine 5-Star Course Created By A World Class Copywriter And Endorsed by The Top Dogs In The Industry!!

It’s a high-quality, business-in-a-box program produced by an industry giant - Brian Keith Voiles - in an evergreen market: copywriting! Just plug in and profit - over and over again.

As you may know, Brian is one of the world's most sought after direct-response copywriters and the author of the critically-acclaimed "Advertising Magic Home Study Course."

I've been selling Brian's "Advertising Magic Home Study Course" to small business owners and the sales of his course have been phenomenal!

In addition to off-the-chart sales… customers are telling us that "Advertising Magic" is THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING they've ever seen on how to create hot ads, promotional copy and web pages for their business! That’s because the concepts revealed in this remarkable course are time-tested and based on psychological truths. They’re proven to work their magic in hundreds of different industries.

Not only can YOU use the same powerful strategies and techniques to cash in with your own super-persuasive sales copy - but you can sell this highly-prized wisdom to others - without limit and at a healthy profit.

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Truth be told...

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And that’s because the material taught in Advertising Magic works - period.

You see, Brian spent an entire year just writing the Manual for his Course. (This is one HUGE Manual!) It's a how-to "encyclopedia" jam-packed with over 400 pages of proven direct-response advertising and copywriting techniques that melt resistance and close more sales - on the spot! Writing this manual was a monumental project for Brian.

If you’re one of the lucky ones... fortunate enough to snap up one the few remaining licenses - you get a proven, high value, bestselling product PLUS all the market-tested support materials to sell it effortlessly... automatically... and continuously.

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With This Rare (But Time-Sensitive) Opportunity To Acquire Your Own Reseller Rights To the Ad Magic System... It Can Change Your Stars Forever!

If you've ever purchased reseller rights from me before, then you know that I always do all of the work upfront, so you don't have to.

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And don’t forget - this package comes with Full Reseller Rights! This means there are NO ongoing royalties - or hidden fees of any kind - and NO LIMIT to the number of copies you can sell. It’s as though this ground-breaking product were your very own - one that you created yourself!

Take a Look at Everything You Get!

Module #1: A Gorgeous, 100%-Responsive Reseller Sales Page Set Up As Your Own

VALUE: $4997.00

You get a killer sales page and order form that's ready to start taking payments! So you can begin having cash deposited straight into your account. By the way... this reseller sales page is only available to officially-licensed resellers. Once the licenses are gone, it'll never be offered again with this same, overly-generous kind of licensing deal.

This done-for-you sales page system eliminates all of the work and makes it easy for you to start making money selling this high quality training package - endorsed by hundreds of active, 6-figure copywriters and legendary marketers!

This module includes: Online sales page design with tested copy, order form, product download page, and more! It’s the whole moneymaking system you need that requires very little time or attention on your part. It just doesn’t get any easier than this to generate passive income around the clock.



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FAST ACTION BONUS #1: Reseller Rights to The Faster, Smarter Better Internet Marketing Coaching Program Fast Action takers get full reseller rights to one of the best Internet Marketing Coaching training on the planet. It’s a natural Up-Sell you can offer to your Ad Magic Course buyers - and Keep 100% of the Money Yourself!

The training is totally unique it's something your students will love and it'll set you apart from the thousands of 'me to' marketers online that are content to peddle low quality info products to their customers...... You'll receive all the elements you need to rake in easy sales including a tried and tested sales letter, professional graphics and marketing materials including: blog reviews, banners, tweets and facebook posts...And with this easy set up membership reseller system you'll also have the opportunity to start taking orders within minutes of creating your top level account.

Imagine leading the way and helping your customers build real 6 and 7 figure businesses online. Once again, you’ll be their HERO simply by offering this powerful, done-for-you video coaching to marketers, small business owners, and home-based entrepreneurs of all stripes.

Online Marketing is an evergreen market, so fresh new leads will always be there - ripe for the picking. And with no quantity restrictions - 100% of every sale comes straight to your Pay Pal account.

FAST ACTION BONUS #2: Dan Kennedy’s Complete A-Z Information Publishing and Advanced Direct Marketing Business System – INFO RICHES!

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about creating your very own info marketing empire from the leading authority on the subject in the entire world-Dan Kennedy aka the “Godfather of Info Marketing” He has SINGLE-HANDEDLY so far sold more than a HALF A BILLION dollars worth of his own information products. Many of his students have gone on to create their own million-dollar fortunes for themselves.

Will you be the next info-millionaire?

You get 21+ hours of audio training, complete PDF transcripts, money-making systems, charts and diagrams - a GIANT “sample book” of ads, sales letters and more. It’s the precise, street-smart info-publishing and marketing secrets that can make you a millionaire - several times over.

Dan Kennedy is responsible (at least in part) for more marketing success stories (both online and offline) than any other expert - anywhere. Doesn’t it make sense to learn all you can from this guy - especially when you can get in on one of his all-time, most popular programs as a FREE BONUS - at absolutely zero cost to you?

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Successful launches never rely on just one product. That’s why I’ve painstakingly put together a collection of top notch copywriting courses and marketing courses that have a proven track record so you can create an instant (and easy) upsell funnel and exponentially increase the average transaction value-without having to develop a single product of your own!". Or... you could even bundle these together to instantly have a membership site of your own - earning you automated, passive income every single month!

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Collin Almeida

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