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Copy Immersion Pro from Collin Almeida • Oct 1 @ 11am PST thru Oct 5 @ 11:59pm PST

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So... What Is COPY IMMERSION PRO All About???

It's a super-selling, value-packed multiple-offer package of amazing multimedia training on how your subscribers can create incredibly powerful sales copy to attract buyers and make more money - effortlessly and ethically - No Matter What They're Selling!

EACH product in the funnel is a PROVEN WINNER. EACH with a proven track record of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales! We've put MONTHS into crafting this multi-tiered package with market tested, proven copy so you are guaranteed HUGE conversions!

Cream of the Crop Experts = Exceptional Training and Immense Value

Copy Immersion Pro features flagship products from legendary masters Brian Keith Voiles (a world-class word wizard who commands $35,000.00 for a single sales page) and Vincent James (a self-made multi-millionaire who revolutionized the supplement industry with powerful direct response advertising that works like gangbusters).

Brian Keith Voiles is a copywriter's copywriter. He's a "details" guy - and one of the very best you'll find anywhere. This world-class wordsmith has written for top marketers like Jay Abraham, Robert Allen, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert,Mike Enlow, Terry Dean, Peter Sun and Frank Kern to name just a few. All these marketing wizards could write their own copy and it would be stellar. But they all happily hire Brian and paid him tens of thousands each for one reason: he gets RESULTS time after time.

Vincent James made history by earning millions while still in his 20's. Unfortunately, he ruffled some legal feathers along the way and paid the price by serving time. But thankfully, he meticulously documented his marketing and advertising wizardry and is now available in Copy Immersion Pro.

Collin Almeida is a highly-experienced and well-respected direct response marketing consultant. He's a "behind the scenes" expert strategist who has his fingers on the pulse of the marketplace. With a keen sense of what works and what doesn't, Collin is known for stacking enormous VALUE in the buyer's favor - to help making the buying decision a virtual "no-brainer".

Introducing... Our "Greased-Slide" Product Funnel To Make You Money From The Start

Front End Product: Billion-Dollar Ads Swipe File - This is "12 Month Millionaire" Vincent James' top-secret advertising vault - unlocked, unrestricted, and instantly accessible. Buyers get James' personal stash - a collection of the most arresting and profitable ads and sales letters ever written - to jumpstart their own profitable promotions - no matter what they plan to sell!

As a launch special, your customers will also get access to a second swipe file featuring over 15 years of meticulously hand collected exhibits and examples from the ‘Make Money Online’ niche featuring some of the world’s greatest internet marketers.

Regular Price: $997.00
Launch Price: $9.97 (not a misprint)
100% Commission

Upsell #1: Vincent James' "How I Made $77 Million Dollars In 2 Years -- And How You Can Too!" Manual

As a launch special your customers will also get Russel Brunson’s  entire 6-hour  intense coaching session with Vincent James that allowed Russell in his own words  "to catapult  my  business into the stratosphere and make over $10 million dollars before my 28th birthday!" The package also includes the complete transcripts of the 6 hour coaching session.

Gary Halbert called this "by far the most important marketing document ever put together" - and after reading it twice, I have to agree. It's a brilliant, eye-opener of just what's possible with plenty of brilliant insights. This program levels the playing field, making it possible for the "little guy" to make millions using nothing but an idea and the profound power of persuasion. This "regular" fellow made more money in his 20's than the CEO's of the world's top corporations combined and its all laid out in an easy to follow format

Regular Price: $197
Launch price: $27
50% Commission

Russel Brunson’s  entire 6-hour coaching session with Vincent James that allowed Russell to catapult his  business into the stratosphere and Make Over $10 Million Dollars Before His 28th Birthday!

Upsell #2: Brian Keith Voiles' Ad Magic Master Course - Largely considered the "bible" of copywriting by many of today's up and coming "copy stars" Ad Magic is among the most revered programs on crafting persuasive sales copy ever published. For powerful copy training - there's nothing that comes close. It also comes complete with proven swipe files and market-tested, "copy and paste" sales copy templates. This is the crown jewel of today's copy courses. And everyone who picks this up will walk away with at least ten 10X more in USE VALUE than then paid in cash value.

Regular Price: $397.00
Launch Price: $197.00
50% Commission

A simple payment plan can be helpful in getting this product into more hands. For anyone hesitant to pull the trigger and spend the full amount up-front, a convenient split pay helps. For some, that may be all they need to jump onboard.

Split Pay Option: $110 x 2
50% Commission

Upsell #3: Official Resellers License for Ad Magic by Brian Keith Voiles - Here's a special opportunity for buyers to cash in on a copywriting masterpiece and long-term bestseller. Getting copywriting skills pretty much lets you write checks to yourself. This skill really trumps all the others. Without copy, you wouldn't have any customers to service. Without copy, no one would call your company so that you even have a chance of selling them. Products would just sit on the shelves if it wasn't for copy.

The potential audience for Ad Magic is HUGE, UNTAPPED and growing all the time. Any business or individual that wants to attract new customers, prospects, clients, patients, and sell more of their products or services, is a prime prospect for AD MAGIC and the Script Engage software.

Buyers can take advantage of this game-changing course by acquiring lifetime rights for a one-time fee - a fee that seems low, given the high praise for Ad Magic and the impeccable reputation of it's author. This is a rare opportunity to secure an official reseller rights license at a price never to be repeated

Regular Price: $1997.00
Launch Price: $997
50% Commission

Our split pay option will help get this highly-profitable licence in the hands of more people in your tribe. And that's a good thing for everybody. For those who are on a budget and prefer payment plans - this one's a winner. We've learned through experience that a payment plan option definitely boosts conversions.

Launch Price: $377 x 3
50% Commission


PLUS These Valuable Fast Action Bonuses:
An Arsenal of Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy’s
Copywriting & Marketing Seminars

Multiple Opportunities To Generate Impressive Commissions Are Yours By Joining the Copy Immersion Pro Launch Today. Don't Miss Out On An Outstanding Opportunity To Help Your Subscribers Boost Their Conversions and Profits Exponentially!

There you have it - a complete funnel that pays you generous commissions of 50% - at every turn - and 100% upfront. In each case, these products have proven themselves in the marketplace where it's "sink or swim."

Your buyers will THANK YOU. And with these proven performers, you could break your own conversion record quite easily. Copy Immersion Procould be JVZoo promotion of the year. Don't miss out. Sign up to our notifications list so you're ready to roll on the Oct 1st.

Special Deal Funnel Designed To Offer Massive Value To Buyers And Pay You Substantial Commissions!



Vincent's Price: $1,000
Launch Price: $9.97



Vincent's Price: $197
Launch Price: $27



Vincent's Price: $397
Launch Price: $197
Split Pay: $110x2



Regular Price: $1,997
Launch Price: $997
Split Pay: $377 x 3

Grab Your Share Of Up To $3,975 In Cash Prizes!

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These prizes are based on TOTAL COMMISSIONS THROUGH THE FUNNEL. So don't just promote the frontend... let your buyers know about the upgrades and provide bonuses for each level in the funnel. You'll get more sales, more commissions, and a better chance at the prize money!

All prizes will be paid out at the end of the launch period.

Leaderboard position and overall contest ranking is determined by total commissions generated from the entire sales funnel during the contest period from Oct 1 @ 11am PST thru Oct 5 @ 11:59pm PST 2018. For cash prize payouts, there is no minimum sales number requirement, but you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize (whole funnel). If this criteria is not met, winners will receive a prorated amount.

You are encouraged to inform your buyers about the upgrades and provide bonuses for each level in the funnel.

Due to leaderboard positions being based on total commissions generated, no commission bumps or early birds will be given out.

Affiliates may form a team to qualify for prizes, maximum of 2 affiliates per team, must be arranged no later than October 1.

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See you on October 1 for Copy Immersion Pro!


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