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"My good friend Mitch Axelrod is one of the foremost authorities in sales and marketing in the United States today. Mitch has trained more than 100,000 men and women on peak performance selling skills.

His technique, his method and his process are responsible for boosting more people into the ranks of the top 10% than almost other trainer alive today."

Brian Tracy
Speaker and Author of The Psychology of Achievement, New Psychology of Selling

Dear Friend,

After 15 hours of meetings, workshops and presentations, the audience was riveted as the speaker outlined 21 strategies that he used to sell his sales training system to a $16 billion U.S. insurance company, doubling his sales from this one client.

The 150 people then rose, giving the keynote speaker a rousing, 60-second standing ovation. The event . . .


The people . . .


Brian Tracy called the speech: "Terrific!" Added the head of the Japanese delegation: "These strategies are the most practical, powerful and common-sense ideas I have ever heard. We will use them immediately.."

"Mitch conducted three of the most heavily attended and lauditorily reviewed tele-conference calls we ever sponsored, with 200 marketing consultants in one day.

His seminar is two of the most illuminating and expansive days you will ever spend. If you want to be a sales green beret, and increase sales, call Mitch."

Jay Abraham, Marketing Consultant- President, Abraham Publishing

What stirred the emotions of these people from the United States, Canada, England, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and 10 other nations? What kept them spellbound, on the edge of their seats furiously taking notes?

Mitchell Axelrod's "21 Ways To Double Your Sales".

Thirteen years ago Mitch started as a sales and marketing consultant. Investing $39,500 and over 1,000 hours in his personal and professional development in the first two years alone, he studied, practiced and successfully applied sales and marketing methods, strategies and concepts he had learned first hand from the most successful people in the country .

Learn From the Masters, Become a Master. He invested hundreds of hours listening to tapes and pouring over 200 books on sales, marketing, advertising, promotion, success, failure, psychology, self-development and business subjects of every kind. Most importantly, Mitch has actually used and applied these principles, laws, ideas, methodologies and strategies in his own business.

The result. . .

- Within 18 months he was earning six figures.
- He doubled his sales in 1990 and again in 1991.
- One client alone has generated a quarter of a million dollars in business.
-The $16 billion insurance company purchased his sales training program for
their 4,000 salespeople.

What enabled Mitch to accomplish more in 18 months than in the past 12 twelve years put together? Trial and Success! Implementing the techniques, concepts, methods and strategies of the most successful sales and marketing people he had met, studied with and learned from, Mitch emulated and imitated people more successful than he. Discovering that there were no uncertainties in the methods, he realized that knowledge is the shortest, safest and cheapest course to any destination. He spent three months developing these ideas into. . .

21 Ways To Double Your Sales

He refined, synthesized and organized 21 of the most powerful principles, laws, ideas, methods and strategies proven effective through testing and experimentation by top professionals in their fields.

Mitch has presented the "21 Ways To Double Your Sales" in 21 cities all over the USA to more than 10,000 salespeople, managers, executives and entrepreneurs who have come from all over the world to attend this one-day seminar .

More than 95 percent have rated this seminar "very good," "excellent," or "outstanding," and hundreds have said " it was the best seminar that I have ever attended!"

Mitch's insurance client is so thrilled with the results of their sales people that they are distributing this program to their 4,000-person sales force.

Mitch gets dozens of calls and letters from people who have doubled and tripled their sales - many within 30 days.

"21 Ways To Double Your Sales" will show you exactly how to:

  • Turn one-time buyers into life time customers
  • Make a 1 percent change that will put you in the top 10 percent in your industry
  • Be recognized as the expert in your field
  • Multiply your sales by working smarter, not harder
  • Gain a competitive advantage by providing value-added service in advance
  • Double or triple your face-to-face appointments
  • Make two sales to every new customer
  • Sharpen your communication skills
  • Master rapport, influence and persuasion
  • Have prospects call you
  • Raise your self-confidence, self-esteem and expectations
  • Overcome inertia and break through to new levels of performance
  • Use powerful questions to make your prospect want to buy
  • Tap into large numbers of highly qualified prospects
  • Have other professionals to endorse you to their clients
  • Increase your telephone "hit rate"
  • Generate 80 percent or more of new business from referrals
  • Make your work more enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling
  • Double your sales in the next twelve months or less.

You can make more progress in a few months than you have in the past few years. Mitch has gotten so many requests that he is making this program available to just a few select distributors for the first time. This will be without a doubt the best investment you will ever make.

But I don't expect you to believe just me. Take a look at what some of the top names in the business world have to say about Mitch and his techniques:

I got more practical and useful information from you in five minutes than I have gotten from most speakers in hours. I could listen to you all day long. You were spectacular.

Creating Wealth, How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth. "Multiple Streams of Income" and "The One Minute Millionaire"

Robert Allen,

"Using one of Mitch's methods, I made $22,000 the very same day. By far, his system is the best I've ever used and his program is the best I've ever attended."

Tom O'Connell, Financial Consultant

As you can see, these testimonials have credibility because they demonstrate measurable success achieved by real people. You feel a connection to these people, and can appreciate their success and excitement. You get the feeling that if you were ready to apply the same methods and approaches, you would experience similar results. What also makes these effective is their specificity. Brian and Jay are more recognizable, so their endorsements carry a lot of weight. But their comments are general, and really don't say much about what's in it for you, the reader.

The client testimonials speak about actual, specific, quantifiable, measurable results.

In addition to quantitative results, he gets tons of testimonials that also express qualitative success - benefits like feeling good, experiencing greater personal satisfaction, joy and fun.

"I am experiencing exponential growth in my business and personal life. It's been six months and I deliberately put off writing this until the initial adrenaline rush had passed. Unlike other 'motivational pep talks' your concepts deliver consistent and unflagging results. With your system, no one can fail. Everyone can succeed. Thank you again."

Gene Tulio - Musician and Entrepreneur

"No one is showing you how to close the sale in today's world of paralyzing skepticism and fear. Give me 89 minutes of your listening time, and you'll know what you've been doing wrong.

I've finally found an exceptional man in Mitch Axelrod who knows the answers. I got him to talk. Throw away this tape and you've thrown away the solution to your marketing problems.

Dr. Gary North, Firestorm Chats interview

"I owned the leading franchise for Anthony Robbins for four years. I have worked with the top speakers and attended the finest seminars in the country.

One person stands out as a "Star." That person is Mitch Axelrod. Mitch is one of the finest experts and teachers on sales and marketing in America. He can change your life. Don't miss him speak!"

Nancy R. Powers, Unlimited Resources Centers

Gene Tulio - Musician and Entrepreneur

"I have seen and heard them all, (Zig) Ziglar, (Brian) Tracy, (Tony) Robbins, (Tom) Hopkins. Mitch Axelrod was stupendous. I was floored. Three years later, I'm still using this material. I'm more convinced than ever that he's the best I've ever seen and heard."

Eric Ullman,
Manager- MONY Financial Services

"Mitch Axelrod is one of the National Speaker's Association's best kept secrets. His depth of content, research and writing are incredible; he is an industry expert. He will make a great difference in the lives of those he touches. Mitchell Axelrod is one of the new stars in the speaking industry."

Juanell Teague,
Past Promoter for Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Wayne Dyer

"Within three weeks of implementing Mitch's methods, my unit did more than $35,000 of new commissions...Mitch has had the most profound impact of any person in my 30 year career."

Emil Kessler,
Sales Manager

'I'm a Top of the Million Dollar Round Table producer and picked up no less than 7 tools and strategies from you that I will implement today.

I am a founding principal of First Financial Resources and our group of 83 principles are the top Life insurance producers in the world...My partners are all top producers and they need to hear what you have to say."

Michael D. Thaxton - Las Vegas, NV

Are you convinced yet? I'm sure you are, but I want to go even further. I'm so confident that you will dramatically improve your effectiveness and increase your sales that I'm offering you a

100%, iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

I'm not going to get fancy with any silly terms like 'my stand-on-my-head until you're happy guarantee' or 'My take this pony and ride it to the bank guarantee'. My guarantee is simple.

If you don't double your sales within the next 3 months, pack everything up, return it and get a full refund.

Listen to the entire six audio CD program and if you aren't completely satisfied that you can double your .sales in the next twelve months and make lot's more money by using the secrets revealed in Mitch' s program, send it back within 90 days and you'll get a full refund.

Can't get simpler and more secure than that, can I?

Let's take a look at what's included in your kit:

First, you get the manual. It's tightly packed with probing insights, templates, specific techniques and so much more.

Plus, you get 6 audio CD's which cover the following topics:

  • Assess Your Selling Skills - Personal Strengths
  • Determine What Kind of Business You Want
  • Eliminate Negative Talking, Thinking, Criticism, People
  • Be Pro Active - Take Risks
  • Focus Efforts on Your Target Market
  • Fill Your Pipeline With Your Best Prospects
  • Provide Value - Added in Advance
  • Demand the Most From Your Marketing Efforts
  • Shift Your Paradigm - See Through the Buyer's Eyes
  • Build Strong and Lasting Relationships
  • Sharpen Your Communications Skills
  • Enhance Your Telephone Effectiveness
  • Use Direct Questioning to Raise Buying Desire
  • Sell the Feeling, Not the Product
  • Welcome Objections - The Keys to Sales Success
  • Ask Your Prospect to Buy at Least Five Times
  • Develop a Service Mentality
  • Generate 80% of New Business From Referrals
  • Do the Highest Value Work First
  • Invest in Yourself
  • Practice 17 Keys to Maximum Effectiveness

That's a heck of a good deal by anyone's standards. If you ever felt that you could do better in your business, that there are untapped opportunities waiting for you to harvest, then you couldn't ask for a better teacher. You just couldn't.

So, what's this incredible kit going to cost?

How much would it be worth to you, financially and personally, if you could produce consistently outstanding results in your sales?

Would you be willing to invest $127 to achieve these results? That's all 21 Ways To Double Your Sales will cost. $127 plus shipping and handling.

Are you ready to double your sales? Then order now, totally risk-free. We'll ship out your package the same day we receive your order.


Collin Almeida

Collin Almeida, President/CEO


A Division of Success Strategies Inc

P.S: You get 20 years of experience, 10 years and more than $1million of research and development, and a few hundred real world strategies, any one of which could help you hit the mother-lode. You have the rest of your life to implement them.

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